Muhammad Yaseen

Mr. Yaseen lives in a joint family with his 5 brothers and their families and has mutual responsibility to them as well as to his own wife and children. Mr. Yaseen says, his business went through tough times during the initial years, the terms & conditions for obtaining financing from banks for stabilizing the business were just too many to fulfill as well but at FINCA, Mr. Yaseen says he was treated with respect and getting the financial help was very easy and convenient.

Mr. Yaseen further added, the entire process was very easy, the bank’s loan officer initiated the process without much hassle, after visiting Mr. Yaseen’s restaurant, the loan officer conducted a detailed analysis of the business and expenses. Only in 2 days, my loan of Rs. 50,000 was approved by the FINCA Bank.

Mr. Yaseen says that his brothers and the rest of the family were initially concerned at how I would manage the loan installments but they quickly came to understand that my relationship with FINCA was different and that the installments were easy to make. Business took off almost immediately. Mr. Yaseen now has 2 employees, and is proud to have created jobs in his community. He looks forward to expanding his business even further.

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