Save and secure your future with us!

We work to build brighter futures with our clients. Our investments today are the seeds to the fruit of a flourishing tomorrow. Tahafuz Term Deposit Account is waiting for individuals, joint accounts holders and companies to sow today. The efficient catalyst in the form of the profit rates up to 9.50%* make certain that the attention you give us once will never need any motivation again, ever.


  • Minimum investment of Rs. 5,000 with no maximum limit
  • Profit rate up to 9.50%*
  • SimSim mobile app
  • ATM Facility across 1Link network
  • IBFT Facility
  • SMS Alert on every transaction
  • 24/7 Call Center Assistance

Please click here for information about profit rates; or account related pricing through our Schedule of Charges.

Our trained staff is just a call away to assist you. For further information please visit the nearest branch of FINCA Microfinance Bank or call us at 042-111-111-562. I

*The right to change the profit rate is reserved.

FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited is part of the FINCA Impact Finance Network, a group of 20 microfinance and financial institutions that provides socially responsible financial services and enables low-income entrepreneurs and small business owners to invest in the future.
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