FINCA Microfinance Bank organized a financial awareness session in a small village just outside of Talagang. This gathering was part of a series aimed at increasing the financial know-how of communities in and around the areas where FINCA serves. The event was attended by more than a dozen people from the village. The event was attended by the elderly, adults as well as children from the community.

The gathering was kicked off by a brief presentation, outlining FINCA’s “Samajh Bhooj Program”, a mission to increase financial literacy in the communities where we’re entrenched. The presentation utilized the animated story of Abid, the program’s mascot, to educate participants about the key aspects of the financial ecosystem. The people in the gathering were informed about FINCA being the bank of choice for everyone in Pakistan, not just the financially privileged. The participants were informed about a host of lending and deposit facilities designed to have a genuine impact on their business and personal lives. They were also educated about the benefits of modern and technological payment methods and also trained on how to use these; such as using ATMs, UBL Omni or Easypaisa etc.

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session with the participants where FINCA’s reps answered a broad range of questions. Flyers were distributing which summarized the contents of FINCA’s “Samajh Bhooj Program”, so that the community participants could consult them in case of any confusion in the future. A couple of FINCA microfinance bank’s existing clients from the community also shared the details of their FINCA experience with the community members and also shared that the association has been successful for both their business and their families. The gathering was concluded by casual conversations among the FINCA staff and the people over a delicious lunch meal. The people gathered expressed their excitement and praise over the usefulness of the awareness session.