Sunheri Karza – SE

FINCA Sunehari Karza – Small Enterprises is funded, secured short to medium-term loan facility extended for working capital and/or capital expenditure needs of the individuals involved in businesses of trading, manufacturing, services, Livestock sectors. The loan is payable in equal monthly / quarterly installments.

Features and Specification:

  • Credit Tenure: 12,18, 24, 36 months.

  • Credit amount ranges: Rs. 500,001/- to Rs. 1,000,000/-

  • Repayment in Equal Monthly Installments (EMI) or lump sum (bullet).

  • Convenient & easy to understand paper work.

  • Instant SMS alerts on every transaction.

  • Online Banking.

  • IBFT Facility.

  • 24/7 Call Center Assistance.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

The borrower must meet all the following:

  • Resident Pakistani National.

  • Hold Valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

  • Age between 21 to 62 Years (At the time of approval of loan).

  • Not Part of Any Customer / Loan Exclusion / Negative List.

  • Have some source of income (Business / Livestock).

  • Offers Gold (Ornament or Bullion) as Collateral.

  • Satisfactory Credit Worthiness as per FINCA’s Standard (Section – Credit Worthiness).

  • The maximum net annual income shall not exceed the income level stipulated in Regulation R-5 of SBP’s Prudential Regulations for Microfinance Banks (No limit in case of FINCA Sunehari Karza – Small Enterprises).

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